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01 Temptation 3:25
02 Army Ants 3:33
03 Psychopomp 5:17
04 Gyroscope 2:58
05 Alarum 4:58
06 Release 4:05
07 Transmission 5:17
08 Babylon 2:50
09 Pulse 4:09
10 Emerald 4:51
11 Aftermath 5:43









The cover was designed by Stuart Chatwood. During a museum visit in England, Martin and Chatwood were most impressed with a painting by William Turner.

Inspired by it Chatwood took up the brush himself and thus the painting The Earth We Inherit, which can be seen on the cover, came into existence.

Stuart Chatwood about his work:
“I was trying to make the point of how we inherit, and to a certain point create our destinies.”

The unfolded booklet is also featuring the painting.
Transmission album cover versions
photo by Stuart Chatwood



Together Stuart Chatwood and James St. Laurent worked out different designs of the cover, which can be seen here:

Transmission Tx20 Version


In 2017 the album ‘Transmission’ celebrated its 20th anniversary. The band took this opportunity to completely re-record and re-interpret what in their opinion were four existential tracks from the album: Temptation, Psychopomp, Release, Transmission

The cover for the EP were done by Australioan Artist Shane Bowden. 15 Synthetic acrylic on canvas painting were done (one of them was used for the cover) which can be purchaed on the bands website, as well as tracks of this electronic EP.

Jeff Martin about re-visiting the album:

Interview provided with friendly permission of Heavy Mag.

Vinyl Edition


In addition to the release of the EP ‘Tx 20’, the the original Transmission album was released for the first time on vinyl on March 31, 2017. The Album was released by Universal Music Canada as EMI Music was taken over by Universal.

Already in 1997 the album was released on cassette.

Album Credits

Catalog Number: 7243 8 55308 2 1

Released in Canada: June, 24 1997
Released in Australia: July 1997
Released in Germany: July 1997
Released in USA: August 1997

Produced and Recorded by
Jeff Martin
Alkemical Studios, Montreal Nrg Studios / Los Angeles Studio Morin Heights / Morin Heights
Recording Assistants:
Don Hachey / Lee Moro
Mastered by
Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering – Portland, Maine.

Don Hachey / Brian Virtue / Robert Carranza
Jeff Martin
Except *
Adam Kasper and Jeff Martin
NRG Studios / Los Angeles Studio Morin Heights / Morin Heights.

All songs written by The Tea Party. © 1997 Eternal Publishing (SOCAN) / Warner/Chappell Music Canada Ltd (SOCAN)

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